Computer Support

Eliminate your computer support problems

Network down?

Printer offline?

VPN underperforming?

Email capacity Issues?

Overwhelmed by spam?

System under a virus attack?

We have designed many IT management solutions and support specifically for resolving these problems and others. Growing organizations face obstacles such as computer support and above mentioned. pcKlinic Nig. Ltd has already faced each obstacle and we know how to ramp their business back to full capacity.


Strengths and Skills

With our 24/7 customer service, immediate response is guaranteed and we will stay focused on your needs until the problem is resolved.

Our total IT support services include:

Support staff

We will increase your current IT personnel technical depth at a more affordable rate than the addition of more staffs.

Minimizing Risks

When your IT staff are not available, we can immediately solve many IT problems. Use us as your personal emergency aid and have it always available.

Efficiency Optimization

Maintenance and periodic reviews of health system reduce downtime and increase the overall efficiency of the network. A thorough IT audit can reduce, if not eliminate, the cost of future infrastructure disruptions.

We provide “Solutions in IT Done right.”