About Us

1000% Growth Since 1996

In 1996 pcKlinic Nig. Ltd. began as a provider of information technology officially known then as 2i’s Computer Cooperation. We focused in particular on the techniques on the Internet and design of computer networks. By the year 2003, pcKlinic Nig. Ltd. has experienced substantial growth in products, services, and customers

Network Security Services

Whenever your network connects to the Internet, it opens links to millions of unknown networks and unknown users.

Web Design & Marketing

pcKlinic Nig. Ltd, offers a variety of services from basic website design to complete development of e-commerce websites.

Computer Support

We have designed many IT management solutions and support specifically for resolving these problems and others.


Our goal is to answer all your questions in a timely manner.

PCKlinic Nig. Ltd believs in qualityand nothing but quality brand and service.

” The Clients faith is us is the basis of our existence”

All our operations are client-focus; Client is like the hub of the wheel and all our activities are spokes supporting it from all sides.

“We make our mark with our clients by providing our worth in one attempt and one attempt only.”